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Corporate Employee Benefits

As a result of the ever-increasing financial demands on small business owners, more attention is being put on employee benefits now more than ever. A properly structured benefit package is vital to a company’s bottom line, as well as attracting and retaining valuable employees. Wadley Financial Group is equipped with the support and expertise to analyze the environment of a company’s employee base to suggest a benefit plan rich in benefits to the employees and cost-effective to the employer at the same time. Some of the areas Wadley Financial Group may be a guidefor your company are:

  • Design a benefit package to provide the best quality of coverage to the employees in the most cost-efficient manner
  • Negotiate with carriers on the behalf of the client regarding rates and plan structure
  • Communicate and educate employees on summary of benefits
  • Conduct in-depth claims analysis for renewal purposes
  • Coordinate administration for FSA accounts and COBRA benefits
  • Provide a high level of customer service through a designated service representative to handle claim administration and disputes
  • Evaluate and determine the proper 401k and/or retirement plan that best fits a company
  • Consult with employees to consider a proper asset allocation based on risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Review with employees in handling and transferring past retirement plan assets for purposes of consolidation and easy monitoring
  • Structure comprehensive executive benefits and deferred comp plans
  • Work closely with attorneys in the area business succession planning
  • Determine the right product to meet your needs, such as:

    • Group Medical Insurance
    • Group Dental Insurance
    • Group Disability Plans – Short-term and Long-term                                             
    • Defined Contribution Plans – 401(k), Safe Harbor Plans, SIMPLE 401(k), Solo 401(k), SEP IRA’s
    • Defined Benefit Plans
    • Flexible Savings Accounts
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Group Vision Plans
    • Group Life Insurance Plans
    • Employer-sponsored 529 Plans

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